Project List

Sac & Fox Reservation                             Master Plan for 8,000-acre site, site plan for

Tama County, Iowa                                    casino area


Rio Blanco                                                    Planning, PAD rezoning, Pre-Plat for 277-acre

Pinal County, AZ                                         917-DU planned community.


Santa Cruz Ranch                                       Planning, PAD rezoning, Pre-Plat for 1600-acre

Pinal County, AZ                                         planned community.


Monte Verde                                                Planning, annexation, rezone and Community

Buckeye, AZ                                                 Master Plan for 860-acre, 2500 DU community.


Amber Meadows                                         Planning, PAD zoning, Pre-Plat for 106-acre,

Goodyear, AZ                                               300 DU planned community.


Siena                                                              Planning, PAD zoning for 1400-acre, 4200 DU

Pinal County, AZ                                         planned community.


Terrazo                                                          Planning, PAD zoning, Pre-Plat for 826-acre,

Pinal County, AZ                                         2800 DU planned community.


Carlton Commons                                       Concept plan for 380-acre community.

Casa Grande, AZ


Arizona State Lands                                   Concept plan for 16,000-acres of state land

Wickenburg, AZ                                          in Wickenburg, AZ


Government Center Study                        Study for central town area of Salt River-Pima

SRPMIC, AZ                                                 Indian Community


Tempe Redevelopment                              Concept plan for 165-acre redevelopment for

Tempe, AZ                                                    business, commercial and multi-family uses.


Willow Springs                                           Conceptual planning for 19,000-acre new town

Pinal County, AZ                                         and 4600-acre phase one rezone.


Arizona State Lands                                   Concept plan for 17,000-acres of state land

Scottsdale, AZ                                              in north Scottsdale.


Johnson Farm                                              Planning and zoning for a 762-acre planned

Pinal County, AZ`                                       community with 2600 dwellings.


Circle Cross Ranch                                     Planning and zoning for a 1400-acre

Pinal County, AZ                                         mixed-use planned community.


Pecan Ranch                                                 Plan for 880-acre golf course residential

Pinal County, AZ                                         community, including PAD zoning



Oro Valley Design Guidelines                Project leader for preparation of design

Oro Valley, AZ                                             guidelines including architecture, site                                                                         planning, landscape design & signage to

guide decision making.  Public participation.


U.S. Home Corporation                             Residential feasibility studies for sites in

Gilbert, Phoenix and Peoria, AZ


Sossaman Estates                                        Development plan and zoning for 1262-acre

Queen Creek, AZ                                         residential community.


Cotton Center Design Guidelines           Leader for interdisciplinary team to prepare

Phoenix, AZ                                                  design guidelines for a 300-acre                                                                         commercial/office project.


Victoria PAD                                               Development plan for a 350-acre residential Queen Creek, AZ                                                                 and commercial town center project.


Power & Germann PAD                            Planning and zoning approval for a 450-acre

Queen Creek, AZ                                         residential community.


Sun Valley South Area Plan                     Concept Plan for 12,000-acre golf course

North Buckeye, AZ                                      residential community with regional commercial.


Keahole-Kona International                     Update of airport plan through 2015,

Airport Master Plan Update              including land use plan, airport layout

State Department of Transportation        plan, implementation plan and plan report.


Kailua-Kona Master Plan                          Plan for coastal resort town including design

County of Hawaii                                        guidelines, land use plan, urban design.                                                                                     Led community workshops and task force meetings.


Kealakekua Ranch Lands                         11,000+ acre plan for golf course, agricultural

Master Plan                                               lots, open space preserve.  Density transfer

South Kona, Hawaii                                    provides 75% open space.  Use permits and

rezone application were approved.


Ewa Villages Revitalization                     Master plan for 600-acre historic plantation,

Project                                                         including housing rehabilization and new

Ewa, Oahu, Hawaii                                     homes, parks, commercial, and golf course.

Historic roots maintained with neo-traditional design.


Mobilization Study, Tripler Army          Bed capacity and expansion study for major

Medical Center, Oahu, Hawaii                 medical facility and Schofield Barracks Clinic.


Kapalama Distribution Center                Study for 100-acre port oriented industrial

Feasibility Study                                         center, including a multi-story distribution

Oahu, Hawaii                                                      facility.


Waialua-Kuilima 46 KV                                   Routing and alignment study for electrical 

Subtransmission Line                               line, including development of location

Oahu, Hawaii                                                      criteria and public information meetings.


Kawaihae Master Plan                               Concept plan for 10,000-acre State Hawaiian

North Kohala, Hawaii                                Home Lands parcel, master plan for 2000-acre

ten year plan area, town center urban design

plan and environmental impact statement.


Kunia Properties                                         Concept study for 700-acre residential

Oahu, Hawaii                                               community.


Villages 7 & 8                                               Concept studies for 180-acre residential

Villages of Kapolei                                    project including cluster housing, small lot Ewa, Oahu, Hawaii                                                           subdivision, park, recreation center and two school sites.


Family Housing Deficit Reduction              Planning and environmental study for the

Study, Marine Corps Base Hawaii          replacement of aging 780 dwellings on 150-

Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii                              acres of military family housing including

architectural, civil and electrical engineering,

planning, hazardous materials, floral, faunal,

and archaeological studies.


Pohakuloa Training Area                          Preparation of a site selection study and

Master Plan                                            master plan for a new cantonment area and

Island of Hawaii, Hawaii                           future land use plan for the 108,000-acre facility.


Kahikinui Kuleana Project                       Project location study within 8500-acre study

Kahikinui, Maui, Hawaii                            area and preparation of a development plan for 2000-ac                                                                          pastoral lot Hawaiian Home Lands project.


Misawa BCP Projects                                 Preparation of projects in support of Base

Misawa Air Base, Japan                              Comprehensive Plan.  Project Management

Plan provides status, schedule, tasks and

budgets for preparation of the BCP.  Concept

Summary Brochure is an introduction to

the base planning process.


Keehi Industrial Park                                Preparation of a master site plan for a 18-acre,

Honolulu, Hawaii                                        34 lot industrial park.


Kalihi Kai Park                                            Preparation of a master site plan for a 12-acre

Honolulu, Hawaii                                        State park, including wetlands coordination.


Horsethief Properties                                 Master Plan for 514-acre residential

Riverside County, CA                                 development including coordination with County plan update.


Boys Town                                                   Site plan and tentative map approval for

Orange County, CA                                    foothill group home project with severe community opposition                                                                          and environmental issues.


Corona Township                                       Site plan for 319 dwelling zero lot line project

Corona, CA                                                   bisected by a drainage/natural habitat channel.


Tract 14048                                                    Site plan/tentative map for 45 lot sub-

Placentia, CA                                                division wrapped around active oil wells.


The Residence                                             Master plan for 832-unit apartment project,

Northglenn, CO                                           site plan and approvals for award winning 208-unit first phase.


Iliff/Quebec                                                 Preliminary plan and zoning for 60-acre

Arapahoe County, CO                                mixed-use project including residential, commercial, office,                                                            and light industrial uses.


Highlands Ranch Plaza                             Development plan and design guidelines

Douglas County, CO                                   for 50-acre commercial, office, restaurant and motel uses.


Zuni Square                                                 5-acre, 132-dwelling apartment project site

Adams County, CO                                     plan, PUD approval and coordination of design consultants.


CDM – Loretto                                             Concept plan for 312-unit multi-family

Denver, CO                                                   rental project.


Greenlawn                                                   444-unit, 17-acre appartment project

Westminster, CO                                         including site planning for 2- and 3-story

apartments and agency approval.


Alton Place                                                   148-unit, 6.4-acre apartment project –

Arapahoe County, CO                                site design and agency approval.


Arapahoe Club                                            211-apartments and 75-townhomes on

Arapahoe County, CO                                14-acres – site design and PUD approval.


92nd/Wadsworth                                         128-unit, 5-acre apartment project – site

Westminster, CO                                         design and agency approval.


Hunt Club                                                    Home/site design and agency processing.

Arapahoe County, CO


Linpro – Academy Park                              Master plan and phase one site design for

Lakewood, CO                                             30-acre/500,000 square feet office park.



Costain – Academy Park                            Site plan for 15-acre project integrating

Lakewood, CO                                             three office building and a motel.


Tishman Aurora Plaza                               Project concept, site plan, engineer

Aurora, CO                                                   coordination, approvals for 215,000 square

feet/3-buildings/12-acre  phase one and

master plan for entire 30-acre business park.


Ward Road Business Park                         Agency processing and zone change for

Jefferson County, CO                                  30-acre business complex.


Sheraton Steamboat                                   Master planning for residential projects

Steamboat Springs, CO                               and commercial properties adjacent to golf

course and ski resort.


Irvine Environmental Corridor                Master plan including urban design studies

Irvine, CA                                                     and development criteria for 1200-acre linear

urban core serving  four adjacent residential



Upper “K” Ranch                                        1200-acre master plan for mixed use planned

Orange County, CA                                    community, including development standards.


Walnut Village East                                   Site plan and design standards for 85-acre

Irvine, CA                                                     multi-use residential project including a park

and school.


Aegean Hills PC                                          Revisions to planned community including

Orange County, CA                                    community design program.  Site plan for

50-acre patio home and townhome project.


Coto De Caza                                               Concept plan for 5000-acre recreational/

Orange County, CA                                    residential community.


Meyers Property                                          Development plan and schematic site and

Simi Valley, CA                                            architectural plans for 100-acre mixed use

residential community.


Eaton Tempe Industrial Park                   Concept plan and feasibility study for 180-acre

Tempe, AZ                                                    industrial and business park.


Ken Caryl Ranch                                         Phase one concept plan.  Development

Jefferson County, CO                                  standards for PD zoning.


Riverbend Condominiums                       Master plan update for residential lakeside

Marshall County, AL                                  planned community, site plan and                                                                         architectural design for zero lot line project.


Suncrest                                                        Master plan for 450-acre lakeside residential

Marshall County, AL                                  community.


Creative Properties                                     Feasibility study and master plan for 500-acre

Marshall County, AL                                  hillside residential project.


Land Use Element – Phase I                      Preparation of city-wide land use plan

Huntington Beach, CA                                 including policies, goals, issues, plan, EIR

and implementation for 28 square mile city.


Growth Policy Study                                  Development of alternative growth policies

Huntington Beach, CA                                for 28 square mile city.



Multi-story Study                                       City-wide study for high rise development

Huntington Beach, CA                                including goals, concepts, concept plan and

implementation procedures.


Townlot Specific Plan                                Land use study for 300-acre partially Huntington Beach, CA                                developed coastal area composed of aging

residential and commercial uses.


Design Review Board                                Administration of city board responsible

Huntington Beach, CA                                for review of design for projects in special

city districts.


Alignment Assessment                       Evaluation of street alignment options

Placentia, CA                                                within an existing golf course.


Smith Properties                                    Evaluation of development potential for

San Juan Capistrano, CA                            140-acre agricultural site.


Emery Heirs                                           Represented land owners for general plan

La Mirada/Fullerton, CA                           and zoning activities.


Lake Community                                    Coordination of interdisciplinary team and

Costa Mesa, CA                                            project planning for 130-acre mixed use lake

oriented community.


Highland Hills Properties                 Coordination of interdisciplinary team, site

San Bernardino County, CA                      planning and agency coordination for 550-

acre foothill project.


Foothill Lower Ranch                                 Master plan for 480-acre lake oriented

Corona, CA                                                   residential community.  Specific plan for

160-acre first phase.  Site plan for 25-acre

mobile home park.  Design and construction

documents for recreation center.


Community Design                                    Preparation of architectural control and Cypress, CA                                          review procedures for Community Design

Element of a general plan.


South Coast Scenic Improvement           Planning, design and implementation

Project,  Orange County, CA                     procedures for scenic highway preservation

for coastal area of south Orange County.

Aliso Hills Planned Community             Consultation and agency coordination for

Orange County, CA                                    160-acre general plan amendment.



Summit Valley                                            Master plan for 320-acre commercial and

San Bernardino County, CA                      residential village.


Rancho Del Oro                                          Report preparation and graphics for 2000-

Oceanside, CA                                              acre residential project.


Cypress Civic Center                                  Color and finish selections/schedules.

Cypress, CA


Lockheed, Rye Canyon                              Master plan restudy.

Los Angeles County, CA


North American Rockwell                        Site selection study for major industrial

Orange County, CA                                    facility.